If there are three values we, at Cleverbreak, hold dear to us it is to travel, to explore and to learn. We have compiled this list of our closest values and why we think they apply to you and how they can enrich your life!


Everyone should enrich their life with as much travel as possible. People who travel tend to be more open-minded, more confident and well -rounded people. The world is far too big to just stay in the same place and great travel deals have made the world far more accessible now than it has ever been! Wherever you are in the world, you should travel somewhere that’s your polar opposite!

When we travel, we get to see and experience different climates, different cultures and open our minds to all that is happening in the world. If you just stay where you are, you’ll never get to see all the wonderful views, wildlife and activities that are only in other places in the world! When we travel, we are stepping out of our comfort zone and taking a leap into the unknown – which tends to make us a braver, more confident person!


Years and years ago our ancestors would have been more or less constantly on the move, seeing, exploring and experiencing new things all the time. We are not meant to stay in one place for too long! Exploring new countries, climates and states is exciting and enlightening! Stray from your usual routine, see somewhere that inspires you and travel further than the well-beaten tourist path – real unique experiences await you there!

When we explore, we are using and developing so many important life skills: organisation, strategizing and sometimes, if we’re travelling with others, even leading! When we explore, we get to develop ourselves as people and learn how to handle situations better. We break down language barriers, sharpen our emotional intelligence, develop better interpersonal skills and have to think on our feet!


The most important part of travelling is, of course, what we learn from it. Before you leave each place, take time to reflect on what you will take away from it. Will you take hygge from Copenhagen? A sense of adventure from Route 66? Style and confidence from Paris? Who did you meet along the way that inspired you? The more people we meet and the more places we see, the more history we know, and knowledge can never be taken away from you!

A lot of people think that it is impossible to have a career and travel but, with better planning, the two can align perfectly. If anything, well-travelled people are more employable! Travelling not only provides you with memories and friends for life, but also a special one of a kind education. Travelling helps you grow as a person, teaching you new things about the world and yourself. There are so many skills we learn when travelling that can be applied to our careers – interpersonal skills, communication skills and an eye for strategy. Since every trip changes you, travelling makes for a wiser and more confident you!

Feel more accomplished and connected, take your next adventure! Meet real locals, enjoy the exclusive knowledge of tour guides and book your unique travel experiences at cleverbreak.com.