It seems easy to put holidays into two main camps. There are those that have you putting your feet up to relax, such as a beach holiday. Then there are those that have you running around a city, trying to see as much as possible. A new travel trend has emerged in recent years and we think it’s the best approach yet to traveling!

What is experiential travel?

Experiential travel is based on the concept that the most important element of travel is experience. It centers around experiencing the culture, the music, the food and all that the country has to offer. Experiential travel is truly immersive – it’s approaching the country you are visiting with an open mind and willingness to experience as much as possible wherever possible.

Activities are essential

To truly have an experiential holiday, it’s best to be organized. Do your research before arriving and book as many experiences and activities as possible. Are you going somewhere tropical? Try scuba diving! Are you visiting a city? Try eating the food of the locals! There is so much more to countries than their tourist highlights and package deals – stray from the tourist traps and walk like a local for a while. You’ll leave with a much more rounded perspective of the destination and unforgettable memories!

Connect with the locals

The best people to ask about the culture and what you should experience is, of course, the locals! Give back to the community and invest in the residents of a country instead of large corporations and tourist treats. Local guides can enhance your experience of a country exponentially, showing you where to eat, where to visit, the best way to get around, what activities are central to the area and what truly makes the location special.

Get personal

It’s easy to book a cookie cutter holiday package but you need to decide if it’s really going to give you the experience you’re looking for. Bespoke and personalised packages are becoming much more popular in recent years as people strive for a more unique experience. Travelers want to know what makes that location unique and have an experience that they can only experience there and then!

How can Cleverbreak increase your experiential travel?

Cleverbreak introduces a better way of traveling. Use Cleverbreak to make contact with friendly and knowledgeable guides, both virtual and in-person. Enhance your holiday, wherever it might be, with experiences, activities and tours. Plan your unforgettable getaway with ease online or on the mobile app now!