We travel for a lot of reasons – for knowledge, for experiences and to see something new. Mostly, we travel to places that are naturally unique or incredibly beautiful – but the ways in which we travel can damage these tourist locations with pollution or rubbish. At Cleverbreak, we encourage people to leave places just as they found them so everyone, from locals to more tourists, can continue to enjoy the scenery! Travelling green is all about respecting our responsibility to the planet. Here are our top tips for travelling green.

Packing Light and Packing Reusable

No matter how you travel to your desired destination, the heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it uses. The more fuel it uses, the more we are damaging the environment. Always try to pack as lightly as possible to combat this. It’s also important to continue the green habits you practice at home and think of these when packing. Take reusable bags only for shopping and take and buy products with as little packaging as possible. If you’re taking anything new on holiday, try to unpackage it at home where you know your local recycling centres, rather than bin them when you get abroad.

Use as Much Public Transport as Possible

If you need to use an airplane, it’s understandable, but try to hop on public transport as soon as you possibly can – which might mean straight from the airport! We know it’s easier to book your car transfer and be picked up and dropped off at your accommodation, but it is much greener to travel by bus. It not only saves the environment but also saves you some money and will challenge you to get to know the ropes and the roads to your new destination quickly! It’s also great to see your destination on foot – especially in cities where pollution levels are already high.

Green Habits at The Hotel

It’s easy to be extravagant when you get to a hotel – you’re on holiday after all! But it’s best practice to maintain your green habits during your stay. In countries where the water is not safe for you to drink, try to use filtered or boiled water instead of buying water from lots of plastic bottles. Try to limit electricity usage by turning everything off at the wall after you’re done. Wherever you stay, remember to reduce, reuse and recycle!

General Tips When You’re Travelling From A to B

There are so many ways you might already be damaging to the environment when you’re travelling that you haven’t considered. For example, opt for E-tickets rather than paper tickets – they’re used on almost every airline and at every hotel reception, so you don’t need to print your confirmations and boarding passes off just to throw them away. Support locals wherever you’re staying by shopping at independent stores rather than large supermarkets. Buy food and products with little packaging and carry reusable bottles so you don’t create as much rubbish.

If we all make small changes when we travel and accept our responsibility to the earth, we can help keep the destinations we love just as they are!