When travelling, it is easy to follow the common paths on the well-travelled tourists routes, but having a unique experience can be tricky. We all have different main interests while travelling, whether it be experiencing the nature that the country has to offer, seeing the history and museums, or trying all the local cuisine.  When you have no local contact, it becomes nearly impossible to figure out what the best things are to do that suit your travel interests.

Local guides are knowledgeable people who have spent a considerable amount of time, maybe their whole lives, in the area that you’re exploring. With a lifetime of experience under their belts, they can guide you into having the most incredible, authentic experience.

When I went to Kenya, I met up with a local guide right away when I got off the plane and was easily directed after my long flight to my accommodation. They helped me figure out what local buses I needed to take, guided me on the local customs so not to offend anyone, and provided me with information about normal price ranges, what dangers there were and what to watch out for. The highlight of my time in Kenya was spent with my local guide when they took me to remote villages so far off the tourist track that I became the attraction for the locals! This experience would have never happened if I didn’t have a local guide who I trusted completely and who knew how to make my time there special.

Cleverbreak works with two types of locals, Virtual Guides and Tour Guides. Virtual guides are available before or during your trip to consult with online. They are local people who simply prefer to work online to help you plan your dream experience. It allows you to have the chance to talk with locals beforehand and figure out how to make your wants a reality.

It may be that you don’t know what you want until you arrive at your destination and talk to other people. You may hear about some amazing hike that you want to do, or maybe you decide that you want to really experience the culture and want to stay with a family in a rural area. Cleverbreak can help you achieve these goals. Local guides are available to meet with you in person while you are travelling. Their verified local guides have suggested itineraries that you can simply book, or, if you do not see an itinerary that fits with your ideas, you can post your own advertisement and have guides reply to it.

In an era of cookie-cutter travel experiences tailored for the perfect Instagram photo, it’s refreshing to pave your own pathway and get away from the tourist crowds. A unique experience that you will remember forever is countless times better than a typical photograph in front of a landmark. With local guides, it’s hard to not have an unforgettable experience. Just by talking to them, you’re already learning more about the local culture than you ever could from an audio tape. Local guides can tailor make a unique travel experience that will provide you with stories your friends will actually want to listen to when you get home, not to mention memories that will last a lifetime. Visit Cleverbreak to hire a trusted, verified guide to make your dream holiday a reality.