Have you ever dreamed of having a job where you get to travel for a living; interacting with people from all over the world and sharing knowledge about the places you love? Being a tour guide may be the perfect opportunity to have the career that you have always dreamed of. Get away from the nine to five office job and out into the real world. As a tour guide, you can set your own hours, and have as much variety in your work as you wish. Cleverbreak is a platform for tour guides and clients to find each other and provide the best possible experience for both parties.

With Cleverbreak, there are two options when it comes to being a travel guide:

  1. Be a Virtual Guide – Virtual guides are available online to help travellers before or during their trips. As a virtual guide you will only speak with your clients online, providing yourself income in the comfort of your own home. It may be that you are helping clients plan their travels by providing information on the area they are going to and giving advice about local customs, accommodations and transportation to get them prepared for their journey. You may be requested to help figure out logistics of a particular travel idea or help out during a vacation to help a traveller figure out plans
  2. Be a Tour Guide – Tour guides are from the area and available to help tourists throughout their vacations in person. As a guide, you can create your own itineraries and have people request your service, or you can reply to traveller’s unique requests if you feel you are able to fulfil their needs.

There are challenges with being a tour guide, as work may not be consistent and you are essentially working as a freelancer, but with that you gain a flexibility that is rare in other professions. You have the ability to choose what areas you are interested and knowledgeable in and then create custom tours that suit your interests. You have to enjoy working with people and be able to work with many different personalities, from the very quiet, to the travellers who never stop asking questions. A broad knowledge base is required for a career as a travel guide, and you will need to be aware of the local history and information regarding attractions in the area. An ability to think on your feet is necessary to adapt to your surroundings and make sure that your clients are happy and enjoying their tour.

Being a travel guide can be an incredibly rewarding career that lets you have the independence you crave with excitement and variability on a daily basis. Cleverbreak is a perfect opportunity for you to start your travel guide career. By providing an easy to use platform and support they enable tour guides access to clients who are looking for local expertise. Your new career is calling, sign up with Cleverbreak today!